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Short Commentary on Othello Act 4 scene 1 lines 1-46 Essay Example

Short Commentary on Othello Act 4 scene 1 lines 1-46 Paper The initial scene of Act 4 in Othello succeeds one in which Othello starts to defy Desdemona about Cassio by means of the loss of her hanky. Baffled by her spouses weird new savage and desirous conduct, Desdemona, unconsciously, invests significantly more energy to help Cassio. She constantly beseeches that Othello gives him back his situation as official, if just so as to help her significant other to remember his regarded position among the general public, and when all is said in done, of his own feeling of respect and profound quality that she, as his better half, had consistently observed in and regarded of him. Act 4 Scene 1 opens up in media-res of a discussion occurring among Iago and Othello. This scene primarily acquaints with the crowd Iago as having increased full control, as we see Othello presently to be the one unknowingly rehashing after him. Using suggestion, symbolism and the topic of appearance versus reality, the crowd is persuaded of Iagos achievement and Othellos deterioration.â In this scene, the general topic of appearance versus the truth is a suggested however a repetitive and noteworthy one. Through Iagos character, Shakespeare analogizes materialistic/physical things to the principle esteems investigated in the play, effectively passing on to the crowd the significance of both, however on a more profound level, how Iago has the capacity both to block and control them in his demonstrations of twofold knavery. The cloth Othello provides for Desdemona, for instance, epitomizes his affection and trust for her, yet more profoundly his respect in her having acknowledged him, the field, the outsider. We will compose a custom paper test on Short Commentary on Othello Act 4 scene 1 lines 1-46 explicitly for you for just $16.38 $13.9/page Request now We will compose a custom paper test on Short Commentary on Othello Act 4 scene 1 lines 1-46 explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer We will compose a custom article test on Short Commentary on Othello Act 4 scene 1 lines 1-46 explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer Along these lines, the loss of the cloth developed to get interchangeable with the loss of its worth, as is apparent from Othellos change in story structure, as it goes from a type of stanza to exposition. Moreover, Othello says, in line 35 on page 153, Handkerchiefconfessionshandkerchief! To admit and be hanged for this work. First to be hanged and afterward to admit. in writing structure, and Shakespeares utilization of it obliges Othellos utilization of chiasmus in his discourse. Amusingly, where chiasmus is utilized commonly as a gadget to verbalize parity or request inside a content, the utilization of it in Othello checks accurately the inverse. Through this Shakespeare passes on Othellos tangled perspective both intellectually and inwardly, and along these lines, Iagos accomplishment in his inspirations. Besides, in blending both the physical and non-physical things, Iago is additionally ready to draw differentiates between them, as, not at all like Desdemonas hanky, her respect is an embodiment that is not seen, in this way suggesting her misdirection to Othello. Similarly, the resonation of Iagos utilization of the word poison all through a few demonstrations mirrors his own trickery, as though he decided to name it all things considered. Toxic substance works gradually yet successfully a similar way Iagos misdirection took a shot at Othello. Be that as it may, on a more profound level, it likewise checks Iagos character improvement as his triumphs consistently quicken a greater amount of his plans and plans, while simultaneously debilitating Othello. In any case, it is the relationship between and a worth and an arousing physical activity, in an unapproved kiss in line 3, that encapsulates and definitively depicts Iagos complete control of Othello, that by joining estimations of notoriety and authority with adoration and feeling, Othellos shortcomings are utilized in Iagos power, leaving Othello to apparently fall to pieces. Taking everything into account, it is Shakespeares utilization of language and his effective verifiable depiction of subjects through characters that permits his crowd to open up themselves not just the genuine idea of the connections between the characters, yet in addition the supplementing and differentiating qualities and goals that definitely exist among them.

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Great Gatsby is a tragic hero Essay

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby is an exemplary American disaster. The tale has all the essential components important to order a story as a catastrophe: a terrible legend, his character imperfection, and a touch of destiny which results in the hero’s extreme demolition. Jay Gatsby is the destined deplorable saint, blinded by his silly dream to remember the past. Destiny meddles as the sudden homicide of one character’s fancy woman by his better half. Every one of these aspects of the story meet up to cause the finish of Gatsby. All together for a character to be characterized as a grievous legend, he should be respectable in character. Jay Gatsby shows this in his dedication to Daisy Buchanan, whom he has been getting ready for a re-experience with for as long as 5 years. At the point when he at last winds up in her quality once more, â€Å"†¦there were twinkle-ringers of daylight in the room, he grinned like a meteorologist, similar to a delighted supporter of intermittent light†¦Ã¢â‚¬  He converses with Daisy, and significantly following 5 entire long stretches of building her up in his brain, he is still particularly infatuated with her. â€Å"†¦[After talking with her,] there was a change in Gatsby that was essentially jumbling. He actually shined; without a word or a motion of jubilee another prosperity emanated from him and filled the room.† He cherishes her, all that he does is for her, and there is no trademark more honorable than genuine romance and dedication. The very signification of a shocking legend is a respectable individual with a sad blemish which assists with realizing his destruction, and which may make the saint settle on poor choices. Mr. Gatsby’s character imperfection is his suffering fantasy about discovering Daisy, the lady he met and began to look all starry eyed at before he was sent to battle in World War I, and rejoining with her. At the point when they met, he was a poor no one and she was an individual from the old-cash first class, a match that the two of them knew couldn't in any way, shape or form work. Thus, despite the fact that he realized she was hitched, when Jay returned from the war, he gave his life to reevaluating himself to make himself adequate for her. â€Å"Out of the side of his eye Gatsby saw that the squares of the walkways truly shaped a stepping stool and mounted to a mystery place over the trees †he could move to it, on the off chance that he climbed alone, and once there he could suck on the pap of life, swallow down the unique milk of wonder.† Basically, his unadulterated, genuine affection for Daisy was strengthened with fixation and encased in assurance and enveloped by everything heâ could find to make it genuine once more. His adoration for Daisy exceeded any sort of reality to where he could no longer recognize actuality from fiction. â€Å"It had gone past her, past everything. He had dedicated himself completely to it with an innovative energy, adding to it constantly, decking it out with each splendid quill that floated his direction. No measure of fire or newness can challenge what a man will stockpile in his spooky heart.† Destiny, with the grievous blemish, assumes the chief job in the fixing of the hero. In The Great Gatsby, the turn of destiny is when Daisy, driving Gatsby’s vehicle with him in the front seat, hits and in a flash slaughters Myrtle Wilson, and in a frenzy escapes the scene, too shaken to even consider stopping the vehicle. Myrtle Wilson happens to be the lady who Daisy’s spouse tom has been going behind her back with, and Myrtle’s husband George Wilson observes the mishap. He sees his significant other executed by somebody driving Gatsby’s vehicle. He discover that the vehicle has a place with Gatsby, who he has never met, and accept that it was he who had so viciously and foolishly murdered his significant other. George, in a condition of misery stricken madness, kills Jay Gatsby in his own patio the exceptionally following day. It didn’t happen a second too early, either. The nature of Gatsby’s life had been falling apart at an exponential rate, amusingly, since his fantasy had worked out. Getting associated with Daisy now was upsetting his life †he had learned firsthand of the inadequacies of the lady he adored, had seen her shortcomings. It was destroying him inside that he had gone through a large portion of 10 years on something that would be generally unfavorable to him at long last. â€Å"†¦perhaps he did not mind anymore. On the off chance that that was genuine he more likely than not felt that he had lost the old warm world, followed through on a significant expense for a really long time with a solitary dream.† The storyteller guesses of Gatsby that, not long before his demise, â€Å"He probably gazed toward a new sky through alarming leaves and shuddered as he found what a bizarre thing a rose is and how crude the daylight was upon the barely made grass.† Gatsby’s goals were unadulterated, humble, honest, veritable, yet the energy of his interest conveyed him into inconvenience when he had to quit dreaming since his fantasy had become reality, a thing to which Gatsby had gotten not used to in the wake of envisioning for such a long time. When his fantasy tumbled into aâ brick divider and things were sent turning in disorder, there was not, at this point a spot for Jay Gatsby. He had come to have a place just with his fantasy, and was devoured by it. â€Å"†¦Gatsby turned out good toward the end; it is the thing that went after Gatsby, what foul residue skimmed in the wake he had always wanted that briefly finished off my enthusiasm for the failed distresses and short-winded delights of men.†

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5 Common Guest Blogging Practices You Should Know

5 Common Guest Blogging Practices You Should Know Make Money Online Queries? Struggling To Get Traffic To Your Blog? Sign Up On (HBB) Forum Now!5 Common Guest Blogging Practices You Should KnowUpdated On 01/12/2017Author : Alia HaleyTopic : Blogging FeaturedShort URL : CONNECT WITH HBB ON SOCIAL MEDIA Follow @HellBoundBlogBlogging is all about communicating your thoughts and opinions on a particular subject to readers and subscribers who are looking out for informative posts on the subject. It is a human to human communication, and bloggers have realized the immense value that networking among themselves carries. Guest blogging (being invited or hosted to write a guest post on another blog) is one of the ways in which bloggers are using their networks not only to promote new talent, but also to enhance their own subscriber base.If you are a new blogger, you can benefit by writing guest posts on other blogs. This will add to your reputation and drive traffic to your blog and help you build up a solid base of genuinely interested readers. Here are some steps that you can take to make optimum use of this method of blogging.1. Find blogs in your niche that accepts guest postsA simple way of doing this is by searching for your niche keywords along with the terms guest post on Google. You will have to sort through the results to come up with a list of blogs that are relevant to your industry or subject area that accept blog posts. Enter these blogs and their details into a spreadsheet so that you can track your submissions and live posting details.2. Start at the bottomDo not attempt to submit guest posts for the most popular blogs on your shortlist at the onset. Instead start with blogs that have a smaller readership. Hone your skills as a writer. As you have more and more of your posts published, you will not only be more confident, but also have greater credibility as you go on to write for the more popular blogs. HellBound Bloggers (HBB) also allows guest posts.3. Give it your bestGuest posts often get step-motherly treatment from writers since they feel it is not going to be on their own blogs. Never make this mistake. Write as if it were the most important post you will ever write. A guest post is like an advertisement for you, and it needs to showcase your best.READ8 Sureshot Benefits Of Blog Commenting4. Keep your links balancedOne of the ways that guest posts pay off is through the links you put into your post and your bio. Avoid cluttering up your post with links back to your blog. Instead restrict it to just one or two links to your site and remember to throw in a couple of links to pages on your host’s blog. This will establish you as generous and unbiased. This reputation will win your readers who might otherwise dismiss you as merely a self promoting writer.5. Set up an inclineAllow your blog to be the platform for other bloggers to do guest posts. By promoting others, you would have set up an incline, in a manner of speaking, and before you know it, i nstead of writing to blogs to do a guest post, you will have blogs inviting you to do posts for them.With these best practices under your belt, you are now ready to become a guest blogger of repute. You must keep in mind that becoming a popular blogger is the result of diligence and perseverance and that it would be immature to expect results overnight. Keep on posting high quality content. With each live guest post of yours that you see published, your confidence, skills and reputation will grow to a point where you will find yourself being counted among the bloggers that you look up to as role model today.Similar Useful Articles For Guest BloggersGuest Blogging: So Why Should You Care?6 Best PageRank 6 Blogs To Write Guest PostsYou Blog. Should You Guest Blog?5 Things To Follow To Be A Good Guest BloggerWhat Guest Posting On Blogs Is NOT AboutThis article is written by Alia Haley. She is a blogger who is in awe of technology and loves collecting them. Recently she is planning to w rite on space hotel.

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A Practitioner Of Yoga - 1587 Words

Ã…Å¡U 1.15: Like oil in sesame seeds and butter in curds, like water in the river- bed and fire in the fire-drills, so, when one seeks it with truth and austerity, one grasps the self (Ä tman) in the body (Ä tman) - that all- pervading self, which is contained [in the body], like butter in milk. Ã…Å¡U 1.16: That is brahman, the highest objects of the teachings on hidden connections (Upaniá ¹ £ad), an object rooted in austerity and the knowledge of self. BhG 5.28: The sage whose highest path is release, whose sense, mind and insight are controlled, whose anger, fear and longing have†¦show more content†¦BhG 6.13: One is firm, unmoving, holding in the balance the head, the neck And body, looking at the tip of the nose, not looking in any other direction. YS 2.46: Posture should be steady and comfortable. Both, the Ã…Å¡U and BhG are very specific that the head, neck and trunk should be aligned. In contrast, YS is more general in the correct meditating posture description. One reason, as I proposed previously, for that could be that it was accustomed that the guru is present to demonstrate and teach the student the physical postures, or as Bryant suggests: ‘One could also suppose that other extant texts concerned themselves with the specifics of asana [posture].’ While numerous modern yoga traditions, especially in the West, accentuate the attainment of the physical posture as the highest aim of yoga, the old texts treat the physical posture as only a preparation to the body (physically and energetically) to serve the long meditation practice. As BryantShow MoreRelatedThe Between Yoga And Bodybuilding1172 Words   |  5 PagesYoga has many benefits, but few people consider the overlap that exists between yoga and bodybuilding. In truth, the two exercises are more closely connected than many people realize: Both practices focus on improving the human body and, while they might diverge, there are still plenty of exercises and benefits t o be found. As a form of exercise, yoga is fantastic for improving vitality, thanks to its focus on improving postures and creating harmony between the body and mind. It s a great practiceRead MoreFive Points Of Yog Yoga Essay723 Words   |  3 PagesGi Kim PED 109-03 YOGA Carol Ennser November 3, 2014 Five Points of Yoga For this assignment, I thought I would be helpful for me to know about five points of yoga. Swami Vishnudevananda who was born in South India came up with five essential principles of doing yoga. The five points of yoga focused on mental, spiritual, and physical health: proper exercise, proper breathing, proper relaxation, proper diet, and positive thinking and meditation. I think it is important to remind myself aboutRead MoreHealth Campaign Essay958 Words   |  4 Pagesbehavior that was chosen to promote during our campaign was yoga. We encouraged students, staff, and faculty members at Knox College to partake in yoga classes offered by the school in order to reduce stress and target a particular health/illness outcome. The main physical health/illness outcome targeted in this campaign was reduced blood pressure. Yoga is also seen to improve cardiovascular health. We chose to focus on the benefits of yoga to improve blood pressure and cardiovascular health insteadRead MoreThe Effects Of Yoga On The Mind Body Spirit About A Person s Overall Health Status1524 Words   |  7 Pagesliterature on the benefits of yoga show the importance that exists between the mind, body, and spirit. This review conducted shows the significance of link between the mind-body-spirit about a person’s overall health. Diversity in yoga including type, intensity, and duration are what play significant roles in the levels of perceived health benefits in comparison to traditional exercise. Thus, far stress reduction seems to be the most proposed benefit associated with yoga therapy, even though time constraintsRead MoreStress And Its Effects On Health1442 Words   |  6 Pagesways to cope with stress in an appropriate manner and manage the demands of situations that are considered stressful. Yoga is an excellent example of a coping mechanism used to reduce the aversive effects of health. Yoga helps stimulates both the mind and the body in order to achieve a relaxed and positive emotional state, which in turn leads to better mental and physical health. Yoga helps improve the balance of the mind and body by incorporating several relaxation techniques such as stretching, visualizingRead MoreMindfulness, Super Brain Yoga And Square Breathing1331 Words   |  6 PagesMindfulness, Super Brain Yoga and Square Breathing Mindfulness is a yoga practiced used to self-assess for awareness in the present moment (Leland, 2015) When practiced in the moment, mindfulness has been shown to reduce the negative effects of excessive worry, in the moment, and self-doubt (Jennings Jennings, 2013). Mindfulness is an important component of Eastern religions but has been used in schools to help students increase their awareness of their focus and anxieties in an attempt to overcomeRead MoreA Longitudinal Analysis Of Diet Quality Scores981 Words   |  4 Pagesthis type of medicine it is believed that illnesses, injuries, pain, etc. are caused by an imbalance of some sort. For diagnoses the outer body reflects the inner body therefore Chinese medicine practitioners will look at certain parts of the outer body to find what is wrong in the inner body. Practitioners also take into consideration ones diet, environment, emotional and mental health when diagnosing patients. Treatments in Chinese medicine include: acupunc ture, herbal remedies, diet, exercise, andRead MoreThe Different Branches of Yoga Essay750 Words   |  3 PagesThe Different Branches of Yoga In ancient times yoga reffered to as a tree, a living thing with roots, a trunk, branches, blossoms, and fruit. Hatha yoga is one of six branches; the others include raja, karma, bhakti, jnana, and tantra yoga. Each branch have its own characteristics and function represents a particular approach to life. Some people may find one particular branch more better than another. However, it is important to note that involvement in one of theseRead MoreYoga And The Yoga Community1497 Words   |  6 PagesYoga, being one of the most effective self help approaches to life and living, invites me to help ensure that it is being integrated with maximum wisdom related to breathing. This page is about supporting and educating the Yoga community in its quest for superior knowledge and effectiveness about proper breathing. It is our responsibility to alert everyone about this as there are probably millions of students and teachers with an unclear or distorted idea of healthy breathing. Nowadays, you canRead MoreMedical Advice Essay855 Words   |  4 Pagespreferred over drugs and surgery for the relief of back pain. This study recommends the use of acupuncture, massage, and yoga as initial treatment modalities. It says you should only use medications and surgery as a solution if and when these other therapies dont relieve your pain. Many people support this recommendation. They say theyve sought advice and care from practitioners who didnt use drugs. In doing so they found more relief than when they worked with medical doctors. Unfortunately, insurance

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HND Business Human resource management - 5390 Words

Difference between Human Resources and Personnel management (1.1) Personnel Management Personnel Management is essentially an administrative record-keeping function, at the ground level. Personnel Management professionally manages employee’s activities for individual departments for example in Bhs you will have a personal manger for customer services. It is assumed that the outcomes from providing justice and achieving efficiency in the management of personnel activities will result ultimately in achieving organizational success. Human Resource Development – Human resource management is concerned with the Training, promotion development and implementation of people strategies, which are incorporated with business†¦show more content†¦Communication Restricted flow Increased flow 20. Job Design Division of Labour Teamwork AC1.2 The Role of Human Resource Management in Organizations Managers in the Human Resources profession have the essential job of organizing people so that they can effectively perform their job description. Human resources professionals work together to develop employees skills. For example, HR professionals advise managers and supervisors how to assign employees to different roles in the organization, thereby helping the organization adapt successfully to its environment. In a flexible organization, employees are shifted around to different business functions based on business priorities and employee preferences. Human resources professionals also suggest strategies for increasing employee commitment to the organization. This begins with using the recruiting process or matching employees with the right positions according to their qualifications. Human resources management team helps a business develop a competitive advantage, which involves building the ability of the company so it can offer a unique set of goods or services to its customers. They can do this by hiring the right individuals but it’s not just about hiring talent; it is about keeping people and helping them grow and stay committed over the long term. The Human resources team has to identify needs of the employees regarding career goals and workShow MoreRelatedHnd Subject in Nvq 51376 Words   |  6 Pages------------------------------------------------- HND in Business Awarding Body: Edexcel Level: Qcf Level-5 Course Description This course is designed to equip students with the knowledge, understanding and skills required for success in current and future employment or for progression to an undergraduate degree. It aims to provide an educational foundation for a range of administrative and management careers in business, specialised studies directly relevant to individual vocations and professionsRead MoreCareer Management : Skills And Skills1482 Words   |  6 PagesHow I’m doing Action Career management skills Taking on management course to enhance and develop my management/leadership capacities and skills. I have picked the field of studies I need to build up my career in as an establishment and I have additionally embraced self-managed learning exercises in business. So far I have successfully passed my management units during my HNC and HND course. I have passed the course with good grades but I still wish to improve my management skills further by gettingRead MoreManual Of HND Marketing Planning Fina14769 Words   |  60 PagesHND Business- Unit Manual- Unit 14- Working with and Leading People UNIT MANUAL (STUDY GUIDE) Marketing Planning Unit 19 HND BUSINESS N E NELSON COLLEGE LONDON L S O N C O L L E G E Copy right Author Editor Version Nelson College London Alfred Mbeteh Nazim Uddin V1-August 2013 HND Business- Unit Manual- Unit 14- Working with and Leading People TABLE OF CONTENT Table of content ...........................................................................................................Read More: Critical Analysis of Organisational Structure and Culture in Relation to Business Performance5081 Words   |  21 Pagescultures regard them not as calamities but challenges, and absorb their lessons†¦..† We can hypothesise that ‘underlying culture ‘refers to organisational culture; ‘bad patch’ refers to a period where business performance is low or employees are moving away form the organisational culture resulting in low business performance; ‘Properly regarded, setbacks can be instructive’ means that the organisation can learn from their mistakes and overcoming obstacles, and ‘Enduring cultures’ are cultures that are longRead MoreDeveloping manager3489 Words   |  14 Pagesunderstanding principles and practices of management behaviour, reviewing own potentiality as a prospective mana ger via stimulations and role plays and how to show managerial skills within a business and services context. Then finally, addressing and analysing a real life case study and relating it to the theories learned. PART A-REPORT AND ACTION PLAN: 1.1 (P1) Management theories are an assortment of ideas and rules which aims to present how a business or organization should be managed. ThereforeRead MoreEssay about Tourism and Tourist Destinations1176 Words   |  5 PagesHND Hospitality Management | Unit number and title | Unit 9: Tourist Destinations | Qualification | HND Hospitality Management | Start date | | Deadline | | Assessor | | | | LO1 Understand the scope of key UK and worldwide tourist destinationsLO2 Understand the cultural, social and physical features of tourist destinationsLO3 Understand how the characteristics of destinations affect theirappeal to touristsLO4 Understand issues likely to affect the popularity of tourist destinationsRead MoreHuman Resource Management For Service Industries1675 Words   |  7 PagesLondon College UCK BTEC HND Diploma in Human Resource Management for Service Industries HNHM 109/ HNTT 118:Human Resource Management for Service Industries Analyze the role and purpose of human resource management in a selected service industry. Justify a human resources plan based on an analysis of supply and demand for a selected service industry business Submitted by: Name: Mary Ann Streling Read MoreFree Essay3489 Words   |  14 Pagesbegan from the simple work is keep something for the people whose possession to avoid losing it. On the contrary, the customer must pay money for that service. When this works take the benefits for all of people (keeper and sender). Gradually, the human send the various things such as money, gold†¦ Nowadays, Vietnam is still developing country and the government is always support, improve, develop economy system. Therefore, the government needs the bank which can help them reduce the inflation, theRead More1.1 Identify the Purposes of Different Types of Organizations844 Words   |  4 PagesHuman Resource Management Institute (HRMI) Edexcel BTEC HND in Business – HRM Unit No/Title: Unit 1/Business Environment Unit Code: Y/601/0546 Assignment No: 1/2 Assignment Title: Organization Purpose It’s Environment Grading Opportunities Available Date Set: 7th October , 2012 Due Date: 4th November 2012 Student ID: ______________________ Student Signature: ___________________ Outcomes/Grade Descriptors Achieved (Please Tick) Read MoreExplain the Factors Involved in Planning the Monitoring and Assessment of Work Performance1084 Words   |  5 PagesBTEC Edexcel HNC/HND Business UNIT 14: Working with and Leading People Introduction The following tasks have been designed to guide your work and provide you with opportunities to provide evidence that demonstrates your understanding of working with and leading people. Each task is different and is set within a specific scenario that you need to read carefully. It is important to place your work in the context of a business organisation therefore examples will be required to support your

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The Ethics Of Socialized Healthcare - 1443 Words

My group had the ethical topic of socialized healthcare. As I am on the opposing side, my beliefs are that healthcare should not be mandated by the government. It should not be the taxpayers responsibility for paying for the healthcare of those Americans that can’t afford to purchase a healthcare plan. Instead, it should be the Churches responsibility to take care of those that are sick and in need. I believe that having the government force the rich to pay in not an ethical solution. Socialized medicine is what explains a universal system of healthcare. This would mean that medical assistance given, hospital stays, and any care received would be at a minor fee regulated by our government. The price would be determined on how much money is gained from taxes. This ethical debate began around 1947 when the American Medical Association was in encouragement for a universal healthcare system and the current President at the time, Harry S. Truman was opposed to the idea. This began a debate that has become ethical and tiresome in the United States. (Wikipedia 1) Until recently the healthcare debate had subsided. In March of 2010 Obama singed the Affordable healthcare Act. This gave those without healthcare an opportunity to receive care. When looking at this from a Biblical and Theological standpoint we also have to look at this from a deontological standpoint. Reasoning from a deontological standpoint says that the ends does not justify the means. Therefore, theShow MoreRelatedCultural Awareness And Delivery Of Appropriate Care1369 Words   |  6 Pagesethnicity as a child, I mainly identify with this group. Since their migration to various locations in New England; primarily throughout the late eighteen hundreds to early nineteen hundreds, French-Canadians have been recognized for their rigorous work ethics. Many immigrant men, women, and children worked in mills after relocating to the United States of America. The mills, predominantly textile in nature, which the immigrant families worked in presented safety dangers, and often placed workers at riskRead MoreCultural Awareness And Delivery Of Appropriate Care1392 Words   |  6 Pagesas a child, I mainly identify with this group. Since their migration to various locations in New England, primarily throughout the late eighteen hundreds and early nineteen hundreds, Franco Americans have been recognized for their rigorous work ethics. Many immigrant men, women, and children worked in mills after relocating to the United States of America. The mills, predominantly textile in nature, at which the immigrant families worked in presented safety dangers, and often placed workers atRead MoreCultural Awareness And Delivery Of Appropriate Care1388 Words   |  6 Pagesas a child, I mainly identify with this group. Since their migration to various locations in New England, primarily throughout the late eighteen hundreds and early nineteen hundreds, French-Canadians have been recognized for their rigorous work ethics. Many immigrant men, women, and children worked in mills after relocating to the United States of America. The mills, predominantly textile in nature, at which the immigrant families worked in presented safety dangers, and often placed workers atRead MoreLeadership And Management Of The Workplace704 Words   |  3 Pagesthe workplace The need for increased diversity and strong women leadership is an issue in today’s healthcare system. The need for gender equality in healthcare system and number of women participating in medical field are recognized. Although women make up a majority of the United States population (50.8 percent), gender leadership gap remains a huge problem in the healthcare system. The healthcare and public health systems in the United States face a number of opportunities and serious challengesRead MoreEssay about Ethical Behavior810 Words   |  4 PagesThe definition of ethical behavior or ethics as a whole is one that eludes many people. There have been many philosophers that have tried to create a set of guidelines that create a code or baseline to a decision. Immanuel Kant is one such person who has created some of the bases that all theories have been based. Kant’s principals or the categorical imperative is the base for the â€Å"Golden Rule†; which is taught to young children. Do on to others, as you would have others do on to you. To quote KantRead MoreBiomedical Ethics Term Paper: Socialized Health Care1278 Words   |  6 PagesAndrei Panait 9758402 PHIL235 November 20, 2012 Biomedical Ethics Term Paper: Socialized Health Care While many countries today have some sort of public health program, their effectiveness is not conclusive and there is undoubtedly a great deal of controversy regarding all aspects of socialized modern health care. In North America but more so in the United States, there is a deep-rooted stigma associated with all things that relate to socialism, most likely due to history and theRead MoreHmo vs. Nhs2081 Words   |  9 PagesHMO vs. NHS HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) and NHS (National Healthcare Service) have been a controversial topic for many years. I watched a movie entitled, â€Å"Sicko.† It is a documentary that was written and directed by Michael Moore. The Documentary investigates the American health system and compares it to the National Healthcare Service in many other parts of the world. One of the countries that have socialized medical care sits directly above the United States. It is Canada. The horrorRead MoreAmerica s Health Care System1342 Words   |  6 Pagesor how little control a person has over their health status? There is a dark stigma among some that truly believes healthcare is a privilege and not a right. People seem to forget that health care is a vital service that touches the lives of millions of Americans at significant and vulnerable times. The United States government is fully capable of implementing a universal healthcare system to improve the overall health of all A mericans. â€Å"Universal health coverage (UHC) means that all people can useRead MoreThe Question Of Ethics And Ethics1394 Words   |  6 PagesWhat exactly does the term â€Å"ethics† mean? When asking this question among several different groups of people, I’m sure all of their answers would be different in many ways, but would all draw the general theme that ethics is somewhat of a study of what is right and what is wrong. This is a mostly correct conclusion, except for the fact that it encompasses not only determining what is right and wrong, but attempting to systemize and defend those ethical positions which one holds. Almost all of theRead MoreHealthcare Systems And The Healthcare System1554 Words   |  7 PagesThe predominant healthcare system problems in America should be conceptualized from the perspectives of the healthcare organization administrators inclusive of the people with business skills as well as healthcare providers. The issue of crisis in healthcare or ganizations is highly complex, and the researcher is mainly focused on unearthing the use of public relations in addressing the complex health crisis events in the United States’ current healthcare system and to offer recommendations for the

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Ghosts 2 Essay Example For Students

Ghosts 2 Essay In his play â€Å"Ghosts†, Ibsen forces the reader to think about his own ideas and believes, as well as those of society and past ages. Symbolism is one technique repeatedly used to portray the author’s ideas through rain, light, fire, the orphanage, Oswald, and through Engstrand himself. The use of religion is also interesting in the way the town people and Pastor Mander uses it. There are many symbols present throughout Ibsen’s work. Rain is used as a symbol of the cleansing of evil and impurities. Outside of Mrs. Alving’s home it remains rainy and stormy until she faces the truth about her husband. The rain washes away the disguises so that the truth may be seen. Generally when this takes place the sun, another symbol, rises, revealing the reality of the situation. Mrs. Alving said, â€Å"And there we are, one and all, so pitifully afraid of the light† (271). All the characters are afraid to face reality, especially Mrs. Alving, represented by t he light. Fire is yet another symbol Ibsen uses. When Oswald comes downstairs with Alving’s pipe, he recalls an incident when he was given a pipe in his youth. Young Oswald smoked until he became sick. This is a foreshadowing of his illness, another sickness caused by careless actions. Another example of fire is seen when the orphanage, built in honor of Alving, is burned (287). The fire creates a symbolism that represents the truth, rising quickly and devouring all illusions. However, when the fire is extinguished, the fantasy world is up in smoke and all that remains are the painful ashes of the past. The orphanage is used as a subtle symbol for the illusion created by Mrs. Alving. The brothel, Captain Alving’s Home, symbolizes the reality of his life. In the end however, the truth is made known about both by the burning of the orphanage (287), and the brothel taking its place. These two actions illustrate the awakening from illusion to reality in the play. Oswald can also be seen as a main symbol. He is ignorant of the truth, giving him a false sense of innocence. He seems to have some power to stand up for his own beliefs, something his mother lacks. Oswald, is used to represent the truth of his situation which is hidden in is past. His illness and his wanting to die illustrate this idea. A final symbol used throughout the play is that of Engstrand. He represents society as a whole. Engstrand has a crippled leg; yet he says about his ethics he has â€Å"two good legs to stand on† (277). Society is very much like this. It seems to be solid and stable but has weak fo undations. Society will never completely heal or lose its flaws, nor will Engstrand. Religion plays a major role in the everyday lives of the townspeople. The members of this community do not have not have the same direct contact with their God as the members of the ancient Greek world, but reach their God through a divine person (Pastor Manders). In this way, the society presented is further away from the Holy Spirit, but closer to the priest. This gave the priest enormous power as he was a â€Å"Pathway to Heaven† for his congregation (265). This may be seen in Pastor Mander’s obsessions of how he is perceived by the people who entrust him. His power is illustrated during his discussion with Mrs. Alving over whether or not the orphanage should be insured or not. â€Å"You see! In town, we have a great many such people. Followers of other denominations. People might very easily come to the conclusion that neither you nor I have sufficient trust in the ordinance of the Higher Power† (254). The orphanage is to be raised in Captain Alving’s honor, yet it’s his own reputation which Manders is worried about. Mrs. Alving’s name is just mentioned to obscure the obvious reason for saying this. This illustrates how the church was used for personal achievements, and not only to reach divine sanctity. The common people’s conduct is also an important is also in important mirror in how the religion permeates the society in this drama. Mrs. Alving has been living on her own, unbounded from society and regulations. She has become a free-thinker, commonly reading books that are not sociably accepted. Manders response to this, reflects the attitude of the time by saying, â€Å"Remember the duty you owe to this orphanage which you decided to found at a time which your attitude towards spiritual matters was quite different from what it is now- as far as I can judge† (253). 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Religion, and the misconceptual use of it by Manders and society, also illustrates the unusual scenes painted by Ibsen within the play.